January 3rd, 2009 – Barolo

Last day of holidays, and roast beef for dinner….how about an old Barolo to go with it? I never got to an ’89 Barolo Brunate from Vietti in 2009, but my notes on the previous bottle said it was fully mature so thought I would get to it early in 2010.
And it was a good thing, too…a little bit of orangey/brown to the colour and initially it had a bit of that oxidized/sherry aroma (yikes, had it gone off?!!). Nope, it is fine…in fact, it is beautiful! Really smooth, almost no tannin, and that wonderful dried, earthy cherry flavour – and is that a touch of violets on the nose they say is characteristic of Barolo or just my imagination?
Barolo is such a great wine, but now – like so many – just too expensive. Back in the early ‘90s, before Barolo and its Piedmont cousin Barbaresco became “sexy”, I bought a number of reservas from the ’89 and ’90 vintages, which were considered fabulous and long lasting (both of which have shown to be true so far for the ‘89s, although I haven’t got to the ‘90s yet).
I bought them at around $40 back then…the high end of my purchasing strategy, for sure…but now? Recent vintages of the same wines are between $100 an $150!!!!! Alas, can’t afford those any more…and even if I could, not sure I could justify spending that on a bottle of wine any way!
I will just have to enjoy what I have!
Ciao, Bella!


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