January 14th, 2010 – A Glass of Wine after a long day

First the wine of the day — the 2007 Seven Poplars Chardonnay, a B.C. wine I “discovered” last summer during my trip to Naramata. It is a classic California style Chardonnay, with vanilla, citrus and nice texture to it. Very nice!

Now the topic — for me, nothing is more pleasurable after a long, hard day than a nice glass or two of wine. I wonder why that is?

Part of it may be the alcohol, as that seems to help in the relaxation process. But that isn’t most of it (or some other drink would fit the bill just as well). And it is not quantity drunk — two glasses, with food, is it (or else you know what happens).

For me, I think, it is the taste, particularly if the wine comes from my cellar (which is built around my tastes). The flavour, ripeness and overall experience of wines that I “like” just really help me unwind and put things into perspective.

Now, that is probably not scientific, but that is the best way I can explain it. Good wine tastes even better after a long, tough day. Period.



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