Who says Aussie Shiraz can’t age?

Tonight — as Canada’s women’s hockey team wins gold!!! — the 2001 Penny’s Hill Shiraz from Australia. Wow…nine years old, and in absolutely outstanding shape! Blackberry jam, licorice, full body but so smooth…a beautiful wine.

A lot of wine dweebs criticize Aussie Shirazes, saying that with all that ripe fruit there is no way they can age. Well, once again, an example of how that isn’t the case for the top level wines.

This is the third bottle of this wine I have tried, and it has gotten better every time!  When I first tried it, the wine was very typical for big Aussie Shiraz — almost overripe, not a lot of complextity but incredible concentration…you could tell there was a lot to this wine.

The next time — about four years later — the jamminess had begun to soften a bit, but the concentration was still there. And no evidence at all of wood.

And now…well, just beautiful! Still no wood, and the mix of licorice and blackberry is moving towards the port side of things, but in a good way.

So still great at 9 years old…I realize that is not “old” to a lot of wine folks, but it is by most wine standards (where over 99% of wine should be drunk within the first 18 months).

I have four or five other vintages of this wine in my cellar…this gives me confidence I can wait on them to enjoy the complexity that comes with patience!




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