Wine apps for your IPhone or Blackberry

No surprise, really, that you can now get “wine apps” for you smart phone.  There was an article comparing a couple in the Globe and Mail a couple of weeks back, so I did a little research and found one that actually seems to fit with some of the things that I feel are important when it comes to finding wines you like.

It is called “Hello Vino” and can be found (and downloaded for free!) at HELLOVINO.COM.  What I liked about this application was that one of the categories you could search by was labelled “Wine by Taste/Style”.  The word “style” caught my eye, so I checked it out.

And you know what; it actually works quite logically. After first moving to a selection of “red, white and rose”, the next level of search is by style — in this case fruity, spicy (peppers and herbs), light and mild, earthy, dry and sweet. From there, it gets even more specific to different berry flavours and spices, leading eventually to a grape recommendation and then actual potential wine picks, complete with descriptions and even the option to buy them on-line.

You can also find a wine in the “reverse” fashion simply if you know where it came from (country and/or region).  The benefit there is that if you know a wine you had and/or liked but don’t see it on the wine list or in the liquor stores, it provides you with other options. It even offers you alternate grape varieties you might like that would provide similar styles (although it unfortunately doesn’t provide specific wine recommendations for directly from these).

So if you are in need of wine help on a regular basis in restaurants or wine stores — and don’t have friends like me to call! — check on the new wine app from Hello Vino. It could take some of the guess-work out of buying wine, because it will help make sure you find the style you know you like!



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