“It’s meant to go with food”

One of the biggest wine rip-offs is the expression “it’s a food wine” or ” it’s meant to go with food”.  I almost couldn’t believe it when I heard it the other day in a wine store; a wine rep was pouring samples (I can’t remember what the wine was) and somebody tried the red and kind of made a face.  Immediately, the rep jumped in and said “oh, it is meant to go with food…”.  The guy — obviously not a wino like me — just kind of nodded and moved on.

I actually had to  bite my lip not to say anything to her (and to tell him not to buy the wine if it had that kind of a taste).

Now don’t get me wrong; there are some wines that do taste better with certain foods and vice versa (just like there are some that don’t work either way).

But lets face it — if you put wine (or anything else, for that matter) in your mouth and it doesn’t taste good, that is a problem! Wine is supposed to be pleasurable…even the most ageworthy of wines should have enough fruit in them when very young to at least balance the strongest of tannins.

Because if it doesn’t, why drink it? Life is too short — and there are way too many wines that taste good — to put up with a wine that just doesn’t have a good taste to it.

So there you go…I haven’t ranted for a while, but this seemed like a good excuse.

And the next time you hear (or read) the line “it’s a food wine”, take it from a PR professional like me. What they are really telling you is that it doesn’t taste very good and the food will cover that up. Go buy a different bottle instead so you can enjoy what you are drinking!




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