Township 7 Cabernet Sauvignon – the King of the BC Cabs

I had the 2006 Township 7 Cabernet Sauvignon on the weekend and — after also checking my notes on a bottle of the 2005 from a couple of months ago and previous vintages from years ago — am now ready to soundly declare that, in my opinion, it is the “King of the BC Cabs”!

I say that for a number of reasons.  First, year in, year out, it shows the best fruit to oak balance in the province.

Second, the blackcurrant/Cassis aromas and flavours are very, very pure…not jammy or covered up by vanilla. It actually reminds me of when I first tried Robert Mondavi’s Napa Valley Cabs in the mid 1980s…very, very similar in style and quality.

Third, from a value point of view, it is hard to beat.  Even with a price increase last year to $24.99, there is only one other BC Cab that can compete with it (and that is La Frenz, which often comes close).  I think it would even do fine in blind tastings against some more expense California cousins.

Fourth, they make it in a big enough quantities that you can find some if you want it. Not in the government liquor stores (at least not yet, although the Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc are there), but a quick trip to the Langley branch of the winery will usually result in a few bottles.

Fifth, it has enough structure to age for 4 – 5 years at least. And in doing so, it doesn’t dry out…the ripe fruit just mellows a bit with the tannins (which are never that strong anyway).

But the main reason I think it is the best Cab in B.C. is that it is made in the style I like the best.  Ripe fruit, touch of oak, not dominated by cedar or herbs, and just enough tannin to add structure but not make it unpleasant to drink young.

So if you get a chance, try a bottle…I don’t think you will be disappointed!  Bravo, Township 7!



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