Sparkling Wine for the Holidays…how about from Vancouver Island?

I know Vancouver Island doesn’t pop into one’s mind when they think about sparkling wine, but Ive found a winery in the Cowichan Valley that is producing what may be the best sparkling wines in B.C.! It’s Vigneti Zanatta and the wines also qualify as flat out bargains — all three of them!

The first is the Glenora Fantasia Brut made from the obscure Cayuga grape.  For those who like the “Cava-style” of sparkling wine made popular in Spain, this will be a beauty. Light gold, small bubbles and those classic green apple aromas and flavours dominate this wine, which is bone dry.  A very nice “non-vintage” bubbly for $27.

Next up is a vintage sparkling Rose, the 2005 Allegria Rose Brut.  Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, this is a beautiful wine, full of bright cherry fruit and dry, toasty/yeasty/vanilla notes.  Very much like traditional Champagne rose…but at $28.95 at least one third of the price!

Finally, the 2005 Fatima Brut is an outstanding example of a vintage Champagne-style wine!! Golden yellow, tiny bubbles and that yeasty/toastiness dominates this dry, crisp and full bodied wine.  If you tasted this wine blind against real vintage Champagnes worth $80+, it would be embarrasing…for the Champagnes! And not just because it is $28.95 a bottle.

The only downside is that the wines are available only through the winery itself. You can get contact info at

Check them out and you can celebrate the holidays in style, with bubbly from Vancouver Island!



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