What I Would Like to See in BC Wine During 2012

Well, another year in wine has begun! I thought it appropriate to start it off with my personal “BC Wine Wish List’:

1. No new BC wines over $40

There are already way too many over priced wines from this province. And while I can’t do much about those (except not buy or recommend them), it would sure be nice if we didn’t get any more. Personally, I can see no justification for it. Its not about quality, as La Frenz, Kettle Valley, Blue Mountain and Nichol all make the best wines in the land for less than that. And most of the over $40 wines don’t sell that well anyway. So why?

2. More quality BC Wines for under $20.

Come on! Most of the BC wines under $20 are not very good. But Mt. Lehman, Blue Mountain, Nk Mip and La Frenz have shown you can make quality wine at that price point. So where is everyone else?

3. Better — and better priced – BC wine lists in restaurants.

Now I know restaurants need to make money off wine sales. That means living with a 100 – 150 percent markup per bottle. But even at that, there are enough good BC wines that restaurants — and diners — should be able to have their wine and drink it too! Almost all the La Frenz whites, for example, could sell for $40 – $45 a bottle (and do; check out Tapenade restaurant in Steveston for proof). The same could happen for the regular Pinot Noirs from Kettle Valley, Blue Mountain and Nk Mip, and the Syrahs from Moon Curser, Church and State and Mt Lehman. So why not? Trust me – they would sell.

4. Better wine preservation for wines by the glass in restaurants.

If I had a dollar for every glass of red wine I’ve had to send back because it had gone off, I would be a wealthy man! There should be no excuse today, with all the technologies available, to serve an oxidized glass of wine — especially at the prices being charged!

5. A Canadian/BC wine competition/tasting that actually features the best BC wines.

I know that some of my favourite wineries/wines stay out of competitions and big tastings on purpose. They sell everything they make, so who needs the expense? But it still irks me to see the same old ‘big’ wineries and wines win these things every year!

So how about this for a wish – a tasting/competiton featuring the following:

* Pinot Noir – Kettle Valley Hayman Vineyard, Kettle Valley Reserve, Blue Mountain Reserve, Averill Creek, Eau Vivre

Syrah – Nichol, Mt Lehman, Vista d’Oro, Moon Curser, Township 7, Burrowing Owl, Church & State

* Cabernet/Blends – La Frenz, Moon Curser, Church & State, Nota Bene

* Chardonnay – Blue Mountain, La Frenz, Township 7, Quinta Ferreira, Kettle Valley

* Riesling – La Frenz, Tantalus, Nk Mip

Now that I would pay to see!

So there — wine hopes and wishes for 2012. I’m not optimistic they will come true, but as a famous Ranger once said…’Dare to Dream!’.




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