2013 New Year’s Wine Resolutions

Happy New Year and welcome to the first wine blog of 2013!

I always try and spend a little time thinking about any “wine resolutions” I have to start a new year, so here are few for your consideration:

1. Drink my white wines young

This is a continuation of a resolution from last year, as I started to find that many of the white wines in my cellar were getting too “old” before I drank them. In particular, the Chardonnays had gotten so golden and oaky that I couldn’t taste the fruit anymore! So “drink’em young” is the motto for white wines, with the exceptions of Rieslings and Gewurztraminers.

2. End the Garnacha and oaked-Malbec experiment

Last year, one of my resolutions was to “suck it up” and try more Spanish Grenache-based wines, as they offer tremendous value (according too many critics). But…well…it didn’t work. Something about the way the oak integrates into these wines just doesn’t work for me. And it is the same thing with oak-aged Malbecs – the fruit seems to get lost in the wood. So, bye-bye to these wines!

3. Avoid the red Bordeaux temptation

I was successful in this one last year, and vow to repeat it. Given the style of most Bordeaux – or at least the ones I can afford – I just don’t like the woody, herbal, lean style of these wines. Even those rated highly and said to age for years just seem to get woodier over time. So no matter the accolades and scores, I will not go there again this year!

4. Spend a little more per bottle on wines I really like

I had a number of older Rhone wines (Syrah and Grenache-based) as well as Barolos and Barbarescos over the holidays, and realized once again how much I love these wines when then get to be 10, 15 and even 20 years of age! The challenge for me over the last few years, however, is the prices for most of them (including even Chateauneuf du Pape) have skyrocketed over my $50 a bottle limit, so I haven’t bought many. Well, without breaking the bank, I am going to change that this year! As I get older, I want more of these wines around to drink…so if it means spending $60, $70 or even $80 on a very highly rated wine that will age that long, I am going to do it!

5. Write a wine book on the best BC wines

Finally, I have been thinking for years about writing a wine book specifically focused on the BC wineries – and wines – that I think are the best. Well, this is the year I am going to write it! Watch for it on my website in either the spring of summer of 2013.

So there you go – five wine resolutions for 2013. Now, on with the year!




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One Response to “2013 New Year’s Wine Resolutions”

  1. thewineraconteur Says:

    I enjoyed your notes and I agree on the Chardonnay wines as I agree the aging in the cellar is not agreeable to them. I try to mix my purchases and look for wines in the $35.00 and up category, but I will also make some fun purchases of $10 -$15 wines and if I find something that I enjoy I will go back and buy a case of something for casual sipping. It is hard to keep a cellar balanced.

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