Having a cold makes you appreciate what you are missing in wine

First blog in a couple of weeks, because I am just coming back from that terrible cold that is going around up here! I tried last week to have a glass of wine but it didn’t work – and made me really appreciate what I get out of wine.


The first is the aroma! With a stuffy nose, your sense of smell is the first to go, and when I stuck my nose in the glass I got nothing at all. At first I thought it was just not a very fruity wine, but my wife said it was wonderful. I tried again, but same result. No black currants or cherries, no vanilla or pepper or garrigue – nothing at all!


Since I had it in my glass, I decided to try it anyway and, once again, couldn’t have been more disappointed. I could taste no fruit at all in the wine; in fact, I could hardly taste anything at all! All I could sense was a vague woodiness, as well as acidity. Not even any tannin.


Again, I checked with my wife, and she confirmed the wine was not only sound, it was actually very nice.


I started to take another sip, but then just shook my head and emptied out the glass. Fortunately it was an “every day” drinking wine, and not one from my cellar.


Interestingly, of all the things I missed, the one that didn’t seem to make a difference was alcohol. I don’t drink wine to “get a buzz” anyway, but it was at least comforting confirmation of that fact.


I tried again last night – as my cold has retreated into a bit of a nagging cough – and was happy to find I could both smell and taste the wine in my glass! Not completely, but enough to generate some satisfaction. So this time I finished the glass…and had a second.


For all of you out there without colds, you probably won’t appreciate this blog very much. But those who have one you might…and take comfort in the fact that when the cold goes away, your wine enjoyment will come back!









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