How to Avoid Being Biased in Your Wine Choices

Let’s face it…everybody has their favourite wines, and wineries! The more wine you taste – and drink – the more you develop preferences, particularly if you find wineries that make the style of wine you like on a consistent basis.

And the opposite is also true. Try a few vintages of the same wines/wineries, find them to be not your style – and the temptation is to write the winery (and its wines) off before you taste any more.

But that isn’t fair for a couple of reasons. First, we need to remember that it is about the style of wine that we like – that doesn’t make it bad, just different.

Second, wineries actually change winemakers – and wine styles – all the time. To completely write off a winery permanently may mean you are going to miss some wines you may really like.

So what do you do to avoid this?

Well, the first thing is, if you go to wine tastings, force yourself to try wines and wineries that you either don’t usually gravitate to or have almost given up on. In those situations – after you have paid the tasting fee – it is essentially “free” to try as many as you like. So do that! If you spit out the tastings (as you should) you literally have nothing to lose except the time it takes to do the tastings!

I did just this at a recent tasting of BC wines, focusing on white wines in particular. And I actually found some wines I would normally not have! It opened my mind to other possibilities.

If you don’t go to tastings, another approach is to try 1 or 2 wines a month that are different. You can choose the approach you want here – change wineries but stay with the grapes you like, changes grapes, whatever. The point is to try something different. As long as you keep the costs in line what you usually spend, the worst thing that will happen is you end up drinking a wine you don’t really like once or twice a month.

Even that isn’t so bad, if you like to cook! A number of times I will just take the rest of that bottle, put the cork back in, and decide it’s time to marinate something with it. In that case, no waste at all!

So there you go…some advice on how to make sure your wine wine preferendes don’t limit your wine options in the future!



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