How do I remember that wine I liked last week so I can find it in the liquor store?

It is one of the most frequent conversations I hear while in wine and liquor stores…people talking (sometimes even just to themselves!) about a wine they just had, but they can’t remember the name, or even where it was from! I can hear the dismay in their voices, and sometimes see it in their eyes, as they look at the rows of wine with no idea where to begin.

So what to do?

Well, I won’t say the obvious thing…which is to write it down! Because almost nobody does that…it just isn’t convenient.

And asking someone? Well, even if you get over the intimidation or embarrassment factor, the “help” is not always the best from the staff in many wine stores. They are there to sell you wine, and the more expensive the better!

But there are a couple of easy things to do that take advantage of what most of us carry around – our smart phone!

The simplest thing to do is just take a picture of the bottle if you like it. Almost all phones have cameras, and those photos stay on your phone until you delete them, and are easy to access. That will give you the name of the wine, its producer and country; from there you can either find it yourself, or ask staff a very specific question.

Another idea – a modern riff on “writing it down” – is to use one of the “notes” functions on your phone to do just that. Click, write, save…that’s it! Again, the file will stay there until you delete it. And you can go back again and again to update it…kind of like an ongoing, virtual wine shopping list.

Finally, you can even send yourself an email or text message! That may be the easiest thing to do…take a sip, look at the bottle, whip out your phone, and send a note to yourself with the name, producer and country. It will “ping” in no time, and you can just leave it in your inbox.

So there you go. It doesn’t take anything elaborate, expensive or time consuming. Just use your phone…to remember your wines!



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