Okay, I admit it…I am a wine snob! I have strong opinions, I don’t like home-made wine, and won’t stand for people putting ice in their red wine…among other things!

But I also try to not to inflict my wine snobbery on people as much as possible. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, as long as they don’t force them on me (and vice versa). And being nice is a good policy…period!

Having said that, I have encountered enough wine snobs in my time to know how painful they can be!

So what is the best way to deal with them?

Well, the easiest thing to do – like with any unpleasant person (or person who is behaving unpleasantly) – is to simply walk away. If you can, do it…what follows is often not worth the effort, and life is too short!

But if you are stuck with a wine snob, at a dinner party or in a conversation you can’t get out of, there are ways to deal with him (or her) that can help “manage the pain”.

Note the word “manage”! I use it because you can’t usually change the behavior – or views – of a wine snob. But there are ways to manage him or her to minimize the impact.

The first strategy is to simply go along with what the person is saying. If he or she is pontificating on Bordeaux, or Riedel glasses, or natural wines…just nod your head, look interested, and perhaps ask for more information. Snobs love this kind or behavior! The problem, of course, is they will just keep talking…to you!

Another approach is to change the wine subject. Ask, perhaps, what the person things about another kind of wine. Or a certain vintage. Or even his or her favourite wine reviewer. Any wine snob will jump at the chance to keep talking about something new! But while that means the topic will change, you still end up listening to the bore!

A more tricky approach is to transition the conversation, just slightly. For example, if the wine snob is talking about French wine, ask whether he or she has been to France and if so, where. If they haven’t – and you have – you may actually be able to jump in and take over the conversation! If you haven’t, at least that may lead to a different discussion (around travelling, perhaps, which the snob may not be quite as opinionated about).

The last – and most daring, but dangerous, approach – is to actually disagree with the wine snob. This takes a combination of guts and wine knowledge (although more of the former than the latter). On the subject of Bordeaux, for example, if you don’t like it, think it is too expensive, too woody, etc….just tell him or her. Just the look of shock on his or her face is often worth it! But that may be followed by more bluster –which you must endure – or perhaps he or she may just walk away (which can be a triumph). This does take more effort, however…and it is up to you if want to exert it!

So there you have it…some wine snob strategies! Try one, try all…and let me know how it goes!



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