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How I Avoided the Annual Bordeaux Temptation

October 3, 2013

Well, I’m quite proud of myself this week on the old wine front. And that’s because, once again, I managed to pass up the temptation to participate in the annual Bordeaux release frenzy!

For newcomers to this blog, that may seem a strange — and even stupid — thing to be proud of. After all, isn’t Bordeaux the most important fine wine region in the world, with many wines capable of aging and developing for decades in one’s cellar? And wasn’t the 2010 release the ‘vintage of the century’?

My accomplishment may even seem ridiculous to those who follow this blog, as they know I don’t like the Bordeaux-style of wine. So aren’t I just following my own advice by not buying anymore?

Well, the answer to all of these questions is – yes! But with an explanation.

And that is all about the word temptation, and in this case wine temptation. The first part is around the reputation of Bordeaux and the frenzy of the annual release. As a wine lover, a part of me just wants to be involved!

Another part is the reviews and scores for the wines. So many received high scores from Parker (my reviewer of choice), and there were even some relative bargains in there. So shouldn’t I get in on some?

Then there were the descriptions of some of these wines — they appeared to be chock full of ripe fruit, which I love (but which I have never been able to find in Bordeaux). So maybe these wines actually had this kind of fruit! Should I buy some?

Well, in the end the answer was the line from that famous Amy Winehouse song…no, no, no!!!

I did it! I survived, stayed true to my values! Sheer willpower. Except…

Truthfully, the main reason was…I was too busy to get to the store! I did stop in at one of the lesser stores the day after the release, but even their small allocation was gone.

So I was safe for another year! And free to look for the wines that I actually like.

The lesson here? Well, maybe when it comes to wine temptation – like any temptation – the answer is to stay out of harm’s way!